Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's The Bewitching Hour.

Every Christmas Eve afternoon, I bring up all my frozen goodies and parcel them out for neighbors and friends.
Here's this year's sampling.
Sparse. Remember, my oven died on me Friday, December 16. No more bakey-wakey.
Mr. Hawthorne helped by adding the little silver cupcake thingies to the pans I get at the Dollar Store.
I only had 23 different items this year.
I've got an assembly line going on.
I packaged up 17 boxes, loaded them into my truck, and went out into the good night to deliver everything. This was sad for me. The first house I went to, my friend didn't answer the door. Luckily, he left it unlocked, and I set my Christmas Goodie Package inside. Second neighbor was home and graciously accepted my gift and actually had something she'd home-baked for me with MY NAME ON IT, so I know it wasn't a pity gift like some people do. Took a third package to a neighbor who was dying with the flu. Nobody else was home. I was freakin' full of Christmas cheer and I couldn't spread any of it. That's why it was sad. I'll make another stab at it tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck.

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Oh boy!YUM.