Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rosie's Plants And Garden.

Rosie has been a busy girl today. After cleaning out and inventorying my freezers, I started on my Christmas Baking. Until I can roll out those recipes (only five for today), I'll show you my plants and garden. I'm just now starting to bring plants indoors.
My ficus truly benefited from being outside this year. I'm having to tie up the branches. I remember the afternoon I brought this tree in. About a month ago. Good Neighbor Zippy and Buster were here for the cocktail hour. The wind had been knocking down my ficus plant on the deck. I transplanted it that day in a larger container with compost/manure and Miracle Gro Potting Soil. I puttered on the deck (leaving a big mess of dirt, compost, and manure out there), dragging my variegated ficus across the deck, then transplanting said ficus, then maneuvering the ficus back into the house. Good Neighbor Zippy looked up at my Herculean efforts from his perch at the bar and ordered me to, "Get the ficus outta here."
Back to my plants:
I acquired a lot more plants this year. And I still have to find places for these plants in front of the fireplace.
Both of these are types of pencil plants. I have catnip for Dogwood starting in the little pot on the right.
My umbrellas are starting to bloom.
Everything was beautifully green this morning.
Those are spider plants on the left. They'll come back next spring.
Buried broken terra cotta pot spewing fulgurite in background. Ice plant in foreground. Nasturtiums in middle. Nasturtiums and gerber daisies around tree in back.
Self-seeding volunteer amaranthuses. Amaranthi?
More nasturtiums.

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Marilyn said...

Green plants in December. Hmph. Meanwhile, it was in the 30s here today. Snow is in the forecast for Friday.