Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rosie's Great Undertaking.

I do not like this refrigerator/freezer. Should have put in a side by side and seriously, I have no idea why I didn't.
On Monday, I tackled this refrigerator and freezer. I pulled EVERYTHING out, washed the innards, INVENTORIED everything that was in the freezer, and neatly put everything back in.
Now I know exactly what's in here. And this is only the freezer, mind you. In the bottom right-hand side drawer: Soft Shell Crabs 2 T-Bones 1 Ribeye Big salmon Deer tenderloin 1 Flat Iron 2 Veal Chuck Chops Flounders Venison Sausage Cubed Steak UFO - Unidentified Frozen Object - Probably big chunk of burger meat 2 pounds Ground Chuck 1 Denver Cut Steak 1 Pkg. Hot Dogs 2 Pkgs. Sausage 5 Hamburgers 1 pkg. Shrimp Fat Back Hot Smokes Sausage Links Looks Like Soup. 1 pt. Chili 1 pkg. Homemade BBQ Sauce In the bottom left-hand side drawer: Rennet pills for when I make cheese Pecans Peanuts Sunflower Seeds Ginger Root Squab Spice Poppy Seeds That Valentine Heart Cake I Made Last February For A Contest And It Should Have Won But Didn't, Not That I'm Pissed Or Anything Dried Apricots. The top left is taken up by the ice machine. In the top right drawer: Puff Pastry Phyllo Dough 1 Baguette Egg Roll Wrappers Artichoke Hearts Biscuits Blueberries Pesto Cubes Dried Tomatoes Peas Crepes Asparagus Can you believe all this is in that freezer?
On to my Tuesday project:
I cleaned out the freezer downstairs. I didn't remember to take a picture until I'd already put back way over half.
This is what's in my utility room freezer: 1st Shelf: 1 Qt Chili 2 Qt Pig Stock (from Celine) 3 Qt Lobster Bisque 2 Qt Turkey Consomme 2 Qt Chicken Consomme 1 Qt Beef Consomme 2 Pt Chicken Consomme 2 Beef Consomme in bags 12 Ice Cubes of Concentrated Deer Stock 1 Box Asparagus 2 Pkg Bacon Lots of Pesto 1 Bag Tomato Sauce 2nd Shelf: 5 Gal. Strawberries
2 Qts Blueberries 4 3-Pack Baguettes 2 Grands Biscuits 1 Pie Crust 2 Phyllo Doughs 1 Puff Pastry 5 Lbs. Pecans 3rd Shelf: 3 2-Pk. Beef Tenderloin 1 Rump Roast 1 Corned Beef Brisket 2 Rib Eyes 1 Eye of Round 1 London Broil 1 Sirloin Tip 1 Hen 1 Pkg Boneless Chicken Breasts 3 Pkgs Chicken Quarters 9 Center Cut Pork Loin 5 Large Pkg Buckburgers 4th Shelf: EMPTY!!!! Bottom Basket: 7 Bags Shrimp 60-70 Soft Shell Crabs 2 Pork Baby Back ribs 1 Lg Sparerib 1 Lg Country Style Ribs 1 Sm Country Style Ribs
In the Door: Chicken Carcasses For Stock Hot Sausage Links Smoked Pheasant Chucker It's hard to believe this but at any time, the Hawthornes have enough food to feed a small army. Everything in here was bought on sale, usually for less than half-price. I've tried to get Mr. Hawthorne to be able to walk past a piece of sale-priced meat and ignore it, but it's not in his genetic makeup. He's a food hoarder. One would think he grew up as the youngest child in a family of fifteen, and had to fend for himself and finally swore he'd never be hungry again. Hopefully, when he sees my inventories, a light will come on somewhere. All of this cleaning was necessary. It's already December 7 and I need to start on my Christmas Baking. My Rosiethon, as I like to call it. I can't do that until I have space in the freezer downstairs in the utility room to put my baked goodies to hold until Christmas. Now I have the 4th shelf for all my baking. And the 4th shelf holds the most! YAY, me.


Lori K said...

Yahoooooo Rosie...Good job!!!

E. A. Marion said...

Nooooo, Rosie. You do not want a side-by-side. Or you can have mine.