Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dixie In The Pool.

Now that I've posted about all the puppies having fun I wanted to assure you that Dixie is not being left out. I know some of you worry about her being ignored in the Hawthorne Household what with all the puppies invading her space. The other day, it wasn't too hot so I actually relaxed out by the pool and did my crosswords while Dixie played.
And played.
And played.
Dixie had a wonderful time doing the same thing over ...
... and over.
and over.
She enjoyed our special time together ...
... which was made even more special ...
... because there were NO PUPPIES anywhere.
Dixie has a good life.
Hope you enjoyed Dixie's fun. And don't worry. Good food is coming.


Kathy said...

Wow, that's what our kids do when we take them in the pool!
;-) Not.
Dixie is fun to watch in the pool.

kadywood said...

I love watching your dog in the pool. She has such a good time.