Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Step 1 Of 5. Rosie Makes A Salsa Roja.

I have a definite meal in mind. Really I do. It's just going to take me a while to get there. So please bear with me. Here's Step 1: My salsa.
I have tomatoes out the wazoo right now, so I picked a bunch of cherries, Romas, and some heirlooms. And I don't like tomato peels. They are non-digestible. So here's how to quickly peel a tomato.
I brought water to a boil and dropped my tomatoes in for about 10 seconds. Just until the peel starts to burst.
Check out the peel on this heirloom.
After a 10 second bath in boiling water, the peel comes off easily. Then I sliced the tomatoes in half, and gently squeezed to get rid of the seeds. Or at least, most of the seeds.
The tomatoes went in batches into my Magic Bullet for a few quick pulses. Mr. Hawthorne and Youngest Hawthorne are very particular about the consistency of their salsa. I usually just chop my 'maters, but they like more of a soupy salsa. So, of course, I obliged them.
I chopped one small onion and added that to the tomatoes.
One chopped jalapeno from the garden went in.
Isn't this pretty? Reminds me of the flags of Italia and MehEeeKo.
I always sprinkle in about 1 TB of sugar ...
... and an equal amount of cider vinegar.
Taste tested. Added freshly ground salt and pepper, and another jalapeno from my garden and some fresh cilantro not from my garden. : ( Not to worry, though. My cilantro seedlings are doing very nicely and I've saved some more seeds to plant in succession. My goal is to have cilantro year round just like my parsley. This past winter, the cilantro I planted in the fall made it through. It just flowered 4-6 weeks ago and I have seedlings coming up in my herb bed. Other coriander seeds I've scattered in different places throughout my gardens. We'll see where it does best. One of my latest seed dumping grounds is the new bed next to the fence between F-t-F next door and me. I threw some cilantro seeds (coriander) in that bed too. Already I have orange railroad lilies over there, purple zinnias, blue-purple passion flower, blue Bachelor's Buttons, purple cone flower (Echinacea), yellow black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia), foxglove (Digitalis) that's yet to bloom, pink, red, and white cosmos, and green parsley. Oh. Where was I? SALSA!
Salsa Roja? Meet tortilla chip. The ultimate amigos. And remember, this is the just the first step out of five.
I have a goal in mind.

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