Friday, August 7, 2009

The Puppies Play In Puddles.

Yesterday afternoon we had torrential downpours and thunderstorms. Of course in the midst of everything, Beau had to go out and pee. I made him wait a bit until the rains subsided, but he spent that time whining at the front door. When I finally opened the door, Beau realized it was really wet outside and decided he could hold it a wee bit longer.
Dixie and Junior didn't have a problem with the water.
But then the pressure continued to mount.
Beau finally ventured out when I went with him.
After a while, Beau got over his fear of the wet.
And Junior and Beau had a marvelous time playing and running through puddles.
Now this video is very sweet. Junior was soaking wet when he came inside since he'd been plowing through puddles. Giada immediately came up to him and started licking him from head to tail.
(In this video, I mistakenly said Beau when I meant Junior but you know who I'm talking about. Sometimes I get confuzzled.)
Junior just stood there and let
Giada take care of him and mother him.

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