Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Weekend. Part 1 of 3: Effects Of Hurricane Bill.

Friday afternoon, I ventured out to the beach to see what Hurricane Bill was stirring up.
One surfer out.
Enjoy the beach pics. And you doubted I lived at the beach.
Not much going on, but the No Swimming signs were up.
Now on to Saturday:
Bit of a difference.
There's one head bobbing out in the surf.
One of the side effects of hurricanes is that it brings out the surfers who relish the swells. So guess which particular surfer dude made his way back to the Outer Banks to check out the wave action this weekend?
Here's a hint for you: He has a doggie named Junior.
Yup. Youngest Hawthorne and Junior are back home for the weekend. Just when I thought my menagerie was down one canine, he returns.
And we're one big happy family pack once again.
Beau likes to blow raspberries.
Late Saturday afternoon, Daughter Hawthorne and Giada left for school. Goodbye Daughter Hawthorne and Giada. Have a safe trip. Two steps forward, one step backward. Baby steps.

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Donna-FFW said...

GORGEOUS beach shots!