Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Weekend. Part 2 Of 3. A Lovely Storm.

Saturday afternoon. There are renters in the house next door to us. About 7-9 children and 5-6 adults. In that tiny house. So they set up shop under the shade of my pines next to my fence. They had a picnic table out there and set up 2 tents. They had plans. They partied under the pines all afternoon. The kids swam in the canal. The adults drank Coronas and bourbon. Good times were had by all. And every time I passed by the revelers as I was cutting my grass in 90+ degree heat (took me over two hours) we nodded pleasantly to one other. Finally finished the grass and went inside to shower and start on dinner, since Xmaskatie was coming out for a visit. Fast forward to Xmaskatie's visit. Xmaskatie and I were chatting and having a glass of wine when I noticed the weather changing a bit. Dark storm clouds in the southwest.
In a few minutes, the tents were toast.
The wind is picking up. Wish I could've gotten the video of Junior when a big gust of wind just slid him right across the deck. He had a smile on his face the whole time. It's like he was at DisneyLand.
Brunt of the storm.
I love a good rain. Especially since I'd just finished cutting the grass. Please stay tuned. This is the second post of my weekend. Another is yet to come. You must hang on until the grand finale.

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