Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random Shots.

If you've been following along in my blog, you might remember this pose.
Junior always relaxes like this - with his hind legs sticking straight out the back. Reminds me of an infant when they sleep on their belly with the drawn-up frog legs. Junior is the only dog I've seen do this, until Beau came back from one of his runs with Middle Hawthorne. MH gets Beau to haul him around the block on his gravity board and Beau has great fun doing this. He's been clocked at speeds up to 33 MPH.
Beau came in the other afternoon after a run and passed out on the kitchen floor in front of the air conditioning vent. Mr. Hawthorne and I were running errands this afternoon and stopped at the Dollar Store for a few items.
He pointed out this particular item in the check out lane. Now. I ask you. If you thought you might be pregnant, would you buy a test kit from the Dollar Store? Hello, all you Moms out there. Stock up on these for your daughters!
Driving back home on the bypass, I had Mr. Hawthorne slow down so Biker Chick could pass on the right and I could get a video. How do people smoke while cruising at 50 MPH? And notice at the end, she chucked her cig. I could have pulled her over for littering and made a citizen's arrest, a la Gomer Pyle, but I was scared she'd beat me up.


Hairball T. Hairball said...

We had a dog who did that on the tile floor in the entry hall.

Kathy said...

Look at that first picture of Junior, squint a lot, then tell me what it looks like.
Hee hee

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Kathy, you're 12. Aren't you.

Kathy said...

Yes ma'am