Saturday, August 15, 2009

Giada's Spice Rack. "They're Real And They're Spectacular!"

What better segueway than going from penis bread to Giada's spice rack?
It's been a while since I did a Giada post, so here goes for Buckykatt and Mr. P. and you other gentlemen who appreciate the boobage of Ms. De Laurentiis. I'm sure you boys have been jonesin' for some juicy Giada.
Typical Giada.
She seems overly happy about her tart dough here. Gotta get in the Giada lunge.
You can try, but you can't hide 'em, Giada. Uh oh ... I think we have the start of a foodgasm. Mmmmm ... Ahhh ... Ohhhhh ......
EYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup. Definitely.
Another frumpy little number.
I do not like the embellishments on this one.
I always wonder if she has to clean out cleavage crumbs.
Lunge and deer in the headlights Giada.
That's really a huge head on a tiny body.
Nice side shot.
Giada Heft on the right.
Choppers and hooters.
"Just. Like. That." Giada. I hate the way she says that all the time.
I totally know you can see my boobs and I don't freakin' care.
The Giada Bendover.
I've always liked this little number.
The cameraman's attention to detail is startling.
Riveting shots of some spice being poured.
Go. Cameraman. Go.
The Giada Lunge.
I think this was the episode in which she was talking about grapefruits. Heh.
One of these days, a breast is going to spill out.
The Giada Reach. Doesn't everyone keep their ingredients as far away as possible?
The Giada Reach and Squeeze.
The Giada Grin and Bare It.
The Regal Giada Pose. I don't care for the large mole in the middle of her chest.
The Ha Ha Ha I'm Fabulous And You're Not Giada.
The I Should Frame These Puppies Giada.
Reach Giada. Her left bosom is far bigger than her right.
Bend over Giada.
Bend and stretch Giada.
Extreme reach Giada.
Little reach Giada.
Big reach Giada. What the hell is she doing? Swan Lake?
I'm wondering if she was pregnant here since she looks bigger than usual.
And also here, too.
Gotta love the cameraman.
Reach, Giada, reach.
Now, why wouldn't she just scrape out the squash seeds into a bowl that was right in front of her? Why place the bowl on the opposite side of the counter?
I love the cutouts on this little number.
One of these days, one of 'em is just gonna spill out. The Giada Lunge.
The overly anxious bowl-scraping, lunging Giada.
Her hands scare me sometimes.
Frame les girls.
Bend over and stuff that hole!
Mr. Hawthorne's and my routine on weeknights starts at 5 o'clock when I or we start preparing dinner. We watch 3 back-to-back episodes of Everyone Loves Raymond, then skip to the Left Coast News when Friends is on, since I've never been able to sit through an episode of that dreck and have no idea why it was so popular and why the actors made so much money. Then at 7 we turn to Seinfeld. As funny as Seinfeld could be at times I never thought it deserved to be #1 in TV Guide's list of the hundred best ever comedies. Lucy should have gotten that. And I didn't like how at the end the audience distracted so much by idolizing an actor/character - Kramer, just like the audience did on Happy Days with The Fonz. But I digress. Whoot! I was watching Seinfeld the other night and this classic episode was on.


Mr. P said...

Thank you for the Giada post Rosie. I was beginning to have Giada withdrawal. I even had to watch her Chefography this past week. I bet she would look good in HD.

Mr. P said...

"They're real and spectacular." I guess that fits for both Giada and Teri.

Marilyn said...

You know, I was down in the basement watching Sandra's Money Saving Meals in HD on the big screen tv with Mr P today and I was glancing back and I kept seeing all this boobage on Mr P's computer screen. Thanks Rosie.

Nah, it makes him happy. It's all good.

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