Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cute Junior Wants His Routine.

It's Saturday afternoon. A lovely day. This post is about two videos of Junior that I thought were pretty funny so I wanted to share them with you all. The videos of Junior are at the very end. When I started uploading the videos of Junior which was all I was going to post, I started uploading a bunch of feelings in me. So, this post is more about ME and my day. What else is new? This is MY blog and I'll VENT when I WANT to.
Flashback to Friday afternoon. The boys were out having a gay time with the canines. Giada, naturally, runs off.
Dixie checks it out, but really doesn't want to deal with the urchins. Totally on the lam. They were soooooo supposed to pick me up.
Finally apprehended on Sir Chandler. (Sorry the videos are crappy. Couldn't see the screen on my camera.) FLASH FORWARD to Saturday morning, I awoke at 5:17 to glorious rain. It's been in the 90's for the past week or so and no rain. No relief. Around 6, I rolled out of bed to go downstairs, fix some coffee, post my promised, long-awaited blog entry about my successful version of Boar and Castle, and relax on a Saturday morning before the rest of the household was up.
Instead, what actually happened was this: I took Giada out on a leash to pee with Junior not on a leash. Giada must be on a leash at all times. She does not "come." I'm thinking an electric collar might be in her future unless someone can help me on this. Anyways, the dogs did their stuff, then Junior started jumping on Giada and Giada really really really wanted to run and play, so I let her off the leash hoping beyond hope she would stay in the yard. I felt sorry for her since she never gets to just run wild. I don't know why I don't learn. Once she realized there was no leash, she did that hair flip thing that certain females do and hauled ass down the road with Junior. Shit. I went back in the house, got a pocket full of treats, got my truck keys, and, cursing mightily, drove off to find the errant doggies. Junior was right down the street at a neighbor's. I stopped the truck, called him, and he ran right back to me and jumped in the truck. Then we started driving to look for Giada. Found her one street over. Stopped the truck, got out, treats in hand, and followed her, trespassing on people's property. She did the hair flip thing again and ran off through the woods to the other side of Sir Chandler. Defeated, I headed back to the truck, and drove around the block. Found her again. Stopped the truck. Got out. Went after her. She's sniffing someone's house. Lets me get right up close to her, then gives me a cheery "fuck you" with another hair toss, and runs back to the other side of Sir Chandler. (The road loops around.) Bitch. This went on back and forth for 45 freakin' minutes, until I finally found a group of serious dog walkers, (By serious, I mean they actually carry a poop bag.) told them of my dilemma, and asked them to help out. They were finally able to lure Giada and grab her collar. I thanked them profusely, shuffled Giada into the truck, and headed for home. I was not happy. One might say I was pissed. My truck smells like wet dogs. It is now after 7 AM. I finally get home. I walk into the kitchen and find disaster. Mr. Hawthorne had fried last night and didn't clean up. There's a stinky pot of nasty oil on the stove top. The counter tops are covered with dirty dishes. The sink is full of crap. Someone has drunk all my tea and apparently doesn't know how to BOIL WATER and make more tea. I go to my orange juice which I must have every morning, and someone -YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE - was thoughtful enough to leave ONE FRIGGIN' TABLESPOON of orange juice in the carton. AARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Took me about 30 minutes to clean up the kitchen. My morning was not calm. It was stressed. I finally decompressed. But not without a lot of bitchin'. Unfortunately, nobody but the dogs and the cat heard me. I'm sure they all felt my pain. Here's my original post which brought this whole rant on - just two videos of a hopeful, excited Junior, wanting me to go out with him and Giada and Dixie and keep on schedule. Junior wanted to go on his regularly scheduled run. It was pouring down rain. I don't think Junior understood the sit-chay-shun.
First, Junior brought his halter over to Giada and dropped it on her head. I ran to get my camera.
Then Junior went away and brought back Giada's leash. The rain stopped. The sun came out. I made coffee and cooked breakfast. I cooked scallops and reheated the lemon/mint risotto for lunch. I frolicked in the pool for an hour. I came inside and put thought to blog. And to think this whole rant started with two videos of cutie Junior.


Kathy said...

We don't mind if you vent. It's good for the soul.

Marilyn said...

I hate days like that.

Cute Junior. Bad Giada.