Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sweet Giada Tends To Beau.

Beau has inherited delicate feet. He likes to pull Middle Hawthorne on his skate board throughout the neighborhood, but the paved streets have wrecked havoc on poor Beau's feet. Middle H. actually bought running shoes for Beau. They're a little too large, so we need to find dog socks now. Anyways, Middle H. has to apply a bacterial ointment to Beau's feet. Giada immediately noticed this and went to Beau to lick his feet.
I thought that was very sweet of Giada.
She's still working on Beau's feet.
Something else has caught her attention now. Beau's not too sure about this.
Oookay. Back to the feet.
Then she tended to Beau's face. His eyes were draining a bit and he does drool a lot.
This is such sweet affection.
This? Love.
Beau wanted to go outside. When I opened the slider, Giada stayed right with him, helping with his personal hygiene. And this reminds me of a story Daughter Hawthorne told me. Apparently, Giada's nurturing instincts have presented themselves before. Daughter Hawthorne and Giada were at the beach with a friend and her dog. The dog, a male, was becoming increasingly uncomfortable, as in slightly sunburned in a certain particular area. I guess there was a lot of reflection that day. Anyhoos, this friend actually applied sun tan lotion to the affected location. And Giada proceeded to attend to the lotioned parts. I don't think I would want to be at the beach that day.

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