Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rosie Makes Burritos For The Hawthorne Chilluns.

One of my go-to meals for the Hawthorne Chilluns is burritos. Everybody loves Rosie's burritos.
And why wouldn't they love this? A quick homemade salsa on the side.
Ingredients for my burritos: Little over a pound of hamburger meat onion red pepper Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce Tamari soy sauce Cumin Onion powder Granulated garlic Salt & pepper Pepper Jack cheese Cheddar cheese Tortillas
A pound plus of hamburger meat went into my skillet on medium high. Brown it, separating the meat. After it renders the fat, po' it it into the dawg bowls wif de kibble.
Whistle fer de dawgs.
Dey be comin'. Yeah, JuneBug. I'd definitely be sniffin' on Dixie's bowl rather than Beau's, you smart doggie you.
Dey happy now.
Doggies love burrito joos.
I love this picture.
Chop up some onion and pepper.
Into the browned meat. Cook maybe a minute.
Season with salt and pepper.
About a half teaspoon of granulated garlic.
Some onion powder.
A teaspoon or two of cumin.
About a tablespoon each Lea & Perrins and soy sauce. It's very important to taste as you go along. Add in flavors as you go. Season, taste, and adjust. You know - cook.
And this needed another poof of cumin.
I grated pepper jack and cheddar cheeses.
And assemble. Add in a little meat mixture.
Some jack cheese on the inside.
Roll up and top with cheddar cheese. These go into a 350 degree oven until the cheese is melted and slightly browned - about 7 minutes or enough time to make a quick salsa.
Ingredients for salsa - tomato, peeled, seeded, and juiced jalapeno to taste onion sugar cider vinegar s & p
Peel and slice the tomatoes.
Then use your fingers to juice and seed them. Just stick your fingers in the pockets and squeeze. The juice and seeds come right out. Slice on the right has been seeded. Left one hasn't.
Add some chopped jalapeno. I used canned since the ones in my garden aren't quite big enough yet.
A little sugar.
Splash of cider vinegar.
Salt and pepper. Mix. Taste. Adjust if necessary.
This is light, fresh, just the right heat, perfect.
And plate.
After I finished shooting pictures of the burrito I plated, I looked at Youngest Hawthorne's plate.
He got quite creative with his.
Two boys. Six burritos. No leftovers.
This is a very versatile recipe. You could easily substitute chicken or turkey meat for these burritos. Use the same seasonings. There are lots of additions you could use depending on your tastes. You could add black olives if you like. Perhaps some black beans. Some rice mixed with a can of RoTel tomatoes with chiles. Corn would be very nice as would tomatoes. A sprinkling of scallions over top with a multi-colored pepper confetti would be very pretty. Maybe cilantro to brighten it up. Or parsley if you're not partial to cilantro. I would not be averse to a bit of lime zest in my sour cream, or better yet, make your own creme fraiche. There are no hard and fast rules. Just cook!

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