Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Food Network. And Why I Hate It.

For some inane reason, I was squirreling into Food Network's website this afternoon, which is apparently maintained by crack-smoking monkeys and white rats in lab coats sporting a red wine IV infusion.
The Next Food Network Star competition is going on now. I believe this is the 4th episode. And when I tunneled into this page, Link 1, I was confuzzled and bamboozled and certainly gobsmacked.
  1. Aarti Party (00:23)

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    Aarti takes a lighthearted look at food in her series, Aarti Party. Watch Video

  2. 2.
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    Star Finalist: Aarti Sequeira (02:04)

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    Meet Next Food Network Star finalist Aarti Sequeira. Watch Video

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    Aarti Sequeira

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    Meet Next Food Network Star, Season 6, finalist: Aarti Sequeira Read Article

Link 2 This is the fourth episode and Food Network's website has given away who wins??!!?? Or am I reading this wrong? Actually, if this is true, I'd be a Happy Rosie. There's a cuisine in the future. Not just an over-the-top personality. A girl can hope, can't she?

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Marilyn said...

I saw this on Food Network Humor. It figures that FN is this idiotic. Does that statement even make sense? Does not compute, does not compute... ca-boom!
But I agree, Aarti is the only one I'd watch of this bunch.