Monday, June 14, 2010

Dogwood And The Hawthorne Pups And Bird Nests!

Rosie and Mr. Hawthorne are on a quick road trip - he to visit his Mommie and I to visit with Maxine in Danville. Anyways, since I haven't uploaded last night's dinner pictures with Maxine and Carmen yet, I give you cat and dogs and bird nests.
This is Dogwood, Daughter Hawthorne's kitty.
Dogwood wants to hold hands with me.
Little Junior is never more than a few steps away from me.
I do believe the Hawthorne Pups are angling for a treat.
Rosie and Dogwood.
Giada, posing next to my hollyhocks.
She's got that funky ear thing going on.
And some other funkiness here.
Giada's very conscious of her surroundings. She always takes time to stop and smell the flowers.
I liked the lighting here. And Giada's nose.
Junior and Giada are great pals.
Youngest Hawthorne found this robin's nest in my bay tree.
This nest is under my octagon room.
A cardinal's nest you can't see in my trees around the pool.
Finally got a good look at the Mama & Daddy under the octagon room and have determined they are house finches. If you check out a habitation map for these birds, they have a Western habitat and an Eastern habitat. The house finch was originally a resident of Mexico and the Southwestern United States. The Eastern House Finches are all descended from caged birds released years ago in Long Island. They were introduced to the East in the 1940's when they were sold illegally in New York City as "Hollywood Finches," a marketing ploy. To avoid prosecution under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, sellers and owners released the birds. First few years were tough for them, but they made it.
Second egg in the robin's nest. The black bullet in the pool.
Dogwood chillin'. I like the background music.


Marilyn said...

I thought the bird's nest under the deck looked like a house finch nest. It looks very much like the nest in my Boston fern.

Yesterday I found that the babies have flown the nest. Sigh, they grow up so quickly...

DH said...

LOLOL AHAHAHAHAA my animals are so special.