Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lunch At The Hawthornes. Soft Shells, Blarney Puff Balls, And Pesto Pasta With Peas.

Mr. Hawthorne lurves his soft shells and, as you know, 'tis the season, so we've been having soft shells at least once a week now for the past month.
Mr. Hawthorne just dredges his crabs in flour seasoned with Old Bay, fries them, and drains on paper towels.
I had some frozen Blarney Puff Balls which I added to the oil. I had never heard of these little gems until Marilyn mentioned them. Seems they're a staple on The Irish Lion's menu, in Bloomington, IN. A big thank you to Marilyn, of FoodiesUntie blogdom for introducing me to this delightful treat. Marilyn wanted to recreate them, so I offered my recipe. And here's Marilyn's recipe.
Mr. Hawthorne made a traditional cole slaw.
I had some frozen cubes of pesto I'd made last fall from the last of my basil and that got added to my whole wheat rotini along with some frozen green peas.
I love the Blarney Puff Balls. Crispy on the outside and potatoey creamy smooth goodness on the inside.
Inside a Blarney Puff Ball.
Every now and then, I just have to have me some fried. I'm good now.

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