Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ticky's Tour Through Rosie's Garden.

After going up to the harbor and camp/play/cook ground, photographing the Osprey family, and just generally taking in the ambiance, Ticky and I drove back home.
I strong-armed Ticky into going on a tour of Rosie's garden.
One of several mimosas blooming.
I had a lovely picture of Ticky underneath the willows, kneeling, atop my buried animals, next to the solar cross a friend gave me, taking a picture of my plants, and she wouldn't let me post the photo. Ticky can be a bitch at times. Ticky, is this picture of you OK or do you want me to remove it? ; )
I think this has to be my favorite view in my yard. It's welcoming. It's inviting. It says, "Come in." That leaning tree on the right is my bay tree. It's around 24 years old. I got it when it was about 3 inches tall with a stem thinner than a matchstick. It apparently liked where I planted it. I have all sorts of babies coming up around it which I'm more than happy to share with anyone.
Mr. Hawthorne waters the backyard. Love it.
My ivy.
Immature blackberries. Before the damn birds eat every one off.
Happy Dixie.
Giada notices the blackberries.
Purty lilies.
The remains of my foxgloves.
This is oenothera, a primrose. It maintains its presence within one place in my yard. I consider that a lovely trait. It's on the west, canal side. It blooms May-June and is a delicate and lovely flower.
Ahhhh. I love the pink foxglove back left. I love the yellow lilies on the right. But what you don't see (because they're not there yet) are the purple petunia-like flowers of my ruellia in the forefront. Ruellia transplants very readily. Spade it and plant it. Then it multiplies the next season by leaps and bounds. Or at least mine did.
I have tried so hard to grow ferns. I've bought the packages at WalMart and planted them. And this is the second year and they're coming up. I have put them in fertile beds and they are just barely squirreling through the ground. However, this fern is growing out of a split in my bulkhead around the pool.
Leopard plant.
Fatsia Japonica in the back. Acanthus in the front.
I love the bloom on my acanthus, AKA bear's breeches.
Close up of the acanthus blooms.
Elephant ear.
Nasturtiums getting ready to bloom.
I planted a spider plant and it comes back every year. It will spread all through here.
Terra cotta pot spewing fulgurite.
Sweet, sweet Queen Dixie.
That's Mr. Hawthorne's tree. We keep it pruned. Big black pine, but contained. I like it.
Coneflowers and Black Eyed Susans.
This is my statice.
My bucket of shells.


dle said...

I just love your garden !!

Marilyn said...


We have wild blackberries in the back of the yard, and it is very difficult to beat the birds to the ripe fruit.

Mr. P said...

Your garden is great! Too bad the pot of nasturtums fell over.

zzzadig said...

We have the same ivy..coul.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Mr. P.: NoNoNoNo. The pot didn't fall over. The pot was broken and set into the ground, broken side down. Nasturtiums were transplanted in front of pot.

See the spewing of fulgurite.