Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lunch At Argyles.

We'd just gotten back from our week-long trip. It was Tuesday, May 12, 2010, and Mr. Hawthorne was taking me out for a celebratory anniversary lunch. We went to Argyles Restaurant in Kitty Hawk. For the second time. Had a great lunch there first time we went so we decided to try it again.
I ordered the house salad, with Bleu Cheese dressing on the side. Their salads were quite delectable last time I was here. This time, my Bleu Cheese dressing had no chunks of cheese. I like Bleu Chunks. Bleu Chunks ... Heh. 12.
Daggonit, Mr. Hawthorne. I BEGGED you to get something else on the menu. This chicken salad is THE SAME DAMN THING you had last time. I wanted him to order the Thai Wrap - the dish that Debra, Executive Chef, said was one of their most popular dishes. I'll have to try that on our next trip.
I ordered the shrimp quesadillas. When, oh when, will I learn? Never, ever order the shrimp quesadillas. (Let it be known, I've never had a decent quesadilla anywhere except chez casa Hawthorne.)
This is my quesadilla. Skinny lil thang.
I open up my quesadilla to a nice stretchy cheese, and to ... the shrimp.
The shrimp are tiny.
As in miniscule. As in overcooked. As in tightly contracted curled up balls of rubber. As in inedible. Rosie didn't likie. Pineapple salsa was good though. I had the mahi mahi taco last time and it was very good. Not to worry. I'll be back. Just won't order the shrimp quesadilla.


dle said...

I use a quesadilla maker when I make mine (yeah I know I am LAZY) but I overload and have blowouts....oh so good!! I never tried shrimp that will be on my to do list.

Marilyn said...

I understand the use of the tiny shrimp here (being bite-size and all), but dang, that would be hard to not overcook.

Well, even the best place has a bad day every now and again.