Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dixie's Noodle. Glowria And Dixie Frolic Once Again.

In Dixie's golden years, I have found she needs a little boost when it comes to doing what she loves most. She most loves jumping into and swimming in the pool. Alas, her loss of muscle tone in her back legs has hindered her enjoyment of the pool. This summer, she swam vertically. As in not horizontally. Close your eyes and visualize it. If you have an elder dog that loves nothing more in life than swimming, then this is an upsetting and unsettling problem. I found a solution. My friend, Glowria, a runner with Team In Training, suffered a knee injury some time back. Her doctor suggested running in a pool. So Glowria showed up at my pool with pool noodles. And I figgered out how to help Dixie. SEE HERE. I copped one of Glowria's noodles. Pink. For Dixie.
Mr. Hawthorne fashioned a pink noodle for Dixie's hindquarters. He measured the noodle ...
... cut the noodle, and inserted a cord into the hollow core.
Be sure you have a kitty to play with the excess cord.
This is Dogwood. Daughter Hawthorne's kitty.
Drawstring it up.
And you have a PoodleNoodle.
Dixie donned the noodle and is very comfortable with it.
Yeah. I know I need to vacuum.
Dixie really wants to try the noodle out. Fast forward a couple of days. To today.
Thanks, Glow, for coming to the pool today. Dixie really looks forward to your visits. Today, with the confidence from your noodle, Dixie was a young pup swimming around again in the pool. Good times. Thanks, Glowria.

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