Monday, August 29, 2011

More Of Irene.

You're probably getting sick of my hurricane reporting,
but you're no more sick of it than I am. Miraculously, we kept power. But we lost phone service, internet, and cable, since I have all that bundled with Charter. Internet and phone came back on late this morning, followed by the cable. Here's what happened the other night.
More to come. Then I want to cook again.


SweetPhyl said...

Rosie, watching your beautiful home suffer the wrath of Irene was heartbreaking, but I know ou'll recover! We were very fortunate and it flooded 4 houses to the west of us and we were left unscathed. First time I've evacuated and I've lived on the beach since 1970. This was a bad one. Godspeed...

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Hey SweetPhyl, thank you. We were fortunate indeed. I spent the first two days cleaning up branches and limbs in the yard. Nowhere near done. Today, I cleaned out the carport - no small feat.

I have one huge pile of tree crap and another pile of carport crap out in the cul de sac.

And much more to come.

And hey. It's just shit. Some sentimental. But mostly shit.

Marilyn said...

Bumpersticker: "Sometimes Mother Nature just kicks you in the ass."

Rosie Hawthorne