Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rosie Is So Excited And Has So Much To Tell You.

I know you have seen more than you want to about my clean-up. So don't worry. Imonna show you what happens next.
I found this swan in my yard. I put it right up next to the mailbox. Please, Swan Owner,
come find me and take me home.
Rosie relaxes in her driveway. I believe she is reading one of Mama Hawthorne's soaked cookbooks. She has Daughter Hawthorne's 16th birthday orange radio that Mr. Hawthorne bought, which we've been looking for for years. First he went to WalMart and bought a purple radio. Then he came home, traveled back to WalMart and exchanged the purple for the orange. I've been looking for that radio for years.
Thanks, God. I needed to find this book. I will read it. Promise you. This book was signed by my Auntie Beth.


Marilyn said...

Continue to think positive thoughts.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Thank you, dear Mar.

Becky said...

I feel badly for you, sweet Rosie. It's tough to deal with some of those losses. But I'm feeling like you'll be getting your mojo back real soon. Yes, there's good with the bad. Been through it.

Kathy said...

Thank GOD you found the radio! Glad to see a smile on your face sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Mr. H Happy Bday from an older cousin. On the road to Va. Stayed in Wilson NC last night. Hope you all are safe!

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Anony, Mr. Hawthorne thanks you, but wants to know which older cousin you are.