Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hawthorne Hurricane Hijinks.

On the eve of Hurricane Irene, Rosie graciously opened her home to someone in need. Rosie fed her pasta and pesto and a stir fry. She compassionately plied her with drink.
She generously offered her a warm bed for the night. She hospitably left a mint and knife on her pillow. I wanted my guest to feel safe and comfortable, with fresh breath. Does it bother you that I go from third person to first person whenever Rosie feels like it? Imagine what it must be like to be Rosie. The next morning Dixie and I decided not to go on our usual run through the neighborhood. Instead, Rosie made Eggs Hawthorne. We usually save Eggs Hawthorne for Sunday mornings, but I decided this would be a nice gesture for our guest. The impalement of the ovum. Always my favorite part. You really should try my Eggs Hawthorne. And if I weren't so lazy right now, I'd find the link for you. But this hurricane has me distracted. After breakfast, we checked out the hurricane news. You do know they have these huge fans right off camera, don't you? Did I really hear, "The beach is just filled with sand?" You gotta love the Weather Channel. Fortified by a hearty breakfast, our guest donned extreme weather gear ...
... and intrepidly ventured outside.

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Dogmama13 said...

Glad to hear you are still safe and having fun! Barbara