Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Prep.

The calm before the storm.
I've noticed a few houses are boarding up.
I started bringing plants in last night.
I'm finding all sorts of places to put plants.
It's kinda like a forest in here.
Self portrait of Rosie hiding behind the ficuses. Ficusi?
Dixie, dealing with the stress of Hurricane Irene bearing down on the Outer Banks.
That's a lot of plants.
The sick table.
I remembered the hummingbird feeders before they reminded me by smashing into my windows.
Mr. Hawthorne tosses the pool furniture into the pool.
We turned the deck tables over to keep them from becoming air-borne.
Grill tied down. Nothing like a 200-pound grill rolling around on your deck.
Nothing left on the deck except my moonflowers. Now I think I'll go pick basil and make another batch of pesto. Is it wine o'clock yet?


Marion said...

Rosie, those huge marinas full of boats - are they empty now?

Amy said...

Patio furniture IN the pool. Brilliant! I think maybe ya'll have done this storm thing a time or two ;)

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Marion, don't know about Pirate's Cove Marina. Haven't been out.

And yes, Amy. We've done this once or twice before.

Anonymous said...

1. Love the sick table.
2. Those are beautiful nesting cache pots.
3. Imagine your plants if the rest of the gang was home.
you know who

Marilyn said...

Take care and I'm sure it's wine o'clock somewhere. Cheers!