Monday, August 1, 2011

Rosie Enjoys Lunch At The Kill Devil Grill.

Yes. You read the title of this post correctly. Rosie went to a restaurant and enjoyed her meal. I know it seems that I carp a lot about my meals out, but I've had a lot of bad meals out. And I've had both good and bad meals at the same restaurant. It's the balance that keeps me coming back.
Normally I won't go to any restaurant on the beach on a Saturday. I live in a resort area and that's check-in day. I do not leave my little island on Saturdays because we're talking about the influx of 200,000 plus tourists on the beach strip. However, this Saturday was special for Rosie. A childhood friend whom Rosie hasn't seen for 41 years found me down here at the beach. She and her family were here this weekend and we'd made plans to have lunch. On Saturday. Ever since Chef Wes Steppe conducted one of our cooking classes at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island, I've been wanting to go to his restaurant, Red Sky Cafe, in Duck. I picked up my friend Lenora in KDH, who had also suggested Red Sky, and we headed North up the beach road. Oh, such high hopes we had. We figured we wouldn't mind the traffic so much since we did have 40 plus years to catch up on. When we got to the stop light to turn to Duck, our lane was unable to turn due to the traffic merging from 6 or 8 other lanes into the one lane to Duck. The traffic was bumper to bumper and not moving. And we'd already covered college, jobs, spouses, and children. Welcome to the beach on Saturday. We nixed the whole Red Sky idea right then and I turned around and headed south to Kill Devil Grill on the Beach Road in Kill Devil Hills. Kill Devil Grill was packed to the gills. And I got the last parking spot. We were warmly greeted and a table was immediately cleared off for us in the front bar area, which I prefer to the lower dining area. It's brighter.
We received our drinks promptly and ordered our meal. Yes, ice tea with five pieces of lemon.
We both ordered the house salad
and the waitress recommended we split it since it was huge. Good call. Service was excellent, our waitress very knowledgeable.
Lenora and I also ordered the same special today -
seared tuna, medium rare, on a bed of creamy grits topped with a black bean and corn salsa. It was surrounded by a lovely buerre blanc, a butter and wine sauce, and accented with a cilantro oil.
Rosie cuts into her tuna, wondering what she'll find inside. She found properly cooked tuna.
The grilled flavor permeated throughout, even the grits.
I enjoyed this immensely.

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Marilyn said...

I'm impressed! You got a perfectly cooked tuna! Sound the trumpets! Glad you had a good lunch and a good time with your friend.