Friday, August 26, 2011

The Hawthornes Take In The Homeless.

It's late Friday afternoon. Hurricane Irene is bearing down. It's hundreds of miles away. The sun is out intermittently. Irene is setting her sights on the Outer Banks.
I picked a bunch of my basil today. About 6 quarts. I had to because of Irene. And the great thing was I just bought pecans online for $7.00/pound. They're $10 for 7 ounces at FoodLion.
I start with the garlic.
Basil and pecans and Parmesan. Add in some olive oil. I use ELBOO. Extra Light Bertolli Olive Oil.
I made pesto. Two quarts at a time. Three times.
Freeze the pesto in ice trays.
Quick appetizer of pesto and pasta.
Mr. Hawthorne stir fries.
Good stir fry.
Dixie guards over our homeless person.


Unknown said...

Pecans for pesto? I may need to try that. I can't seem to find pine nuts that are not somehow tainted with wheat in the packaging procees, but pecans may be easier.

And.... FROG!!!

Marilyn said...

Pesto, now made with frogs! Yummo!