Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thanks, Hairball!

I must thank Hairball, of HairballsOnTheCarpetOfLife for bringing this video to my attention. I'm by myself today. Middle Hawthorne and Beau left this morning. Daughter Hawthorne, Giada, and Youngest Hawthorne are back in Greenville, Mr. Hawthorne is bear hunting, and I'm not cooking. So I have nothing to blog about. But, then ... I went to Hairball's blog and found that video, which I thought was freakin' hilarious. Thanks, Hairball. I remember back in ... was it 1969-70? ... when I'd help my friend Raymond deliver the afternoon papers, and after his paper route, we'd go back to my house and would watch Star Trek every afternoon. It was awesome. Thanks, Hairball, for the memories.