Friday, January 22, 2010

Beans And Rice.

Want a quick and easy meal bursting with flavor? Here 'tis.
Rosie's rice and bean NON-enchilada. Ange from Wisconsin, I promise I'll do real enchiladas for you and eventually the lasagna too. Patience. I'm having too much fun doing NON-enchildas.
After cooking the black beans for about 40 minutes, until just tender, I rinsed them off and added them to my cooked white rice. The brand I used was Verde Valle Arroz Morelos and it says right on the bag that it's Mexico's #1 Brand of Rice.
I added the beans and rice on my tortilla and spread on some salsa.
And I added some pepper jack cheese.
Roll up, top with mozzarella, and give it a whirl under the broiler.
More salsa, creme fraiche, and some cilantro. And if you're one of those cilantro-haters, parsley works in a pinch.
Are ya feeling the love?

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