Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Canals. Going Home. Puppies.

I've always loved the view down my canal. I shot the next three canal pictures right before we left for Danville. If you notice, the canal is slightly frozen over. Very slightly.
Of course, Youngest Hawthorne
had to test it out by lobbing some oyster shells onto the ice.
On Sunday, Mr. Hawthorne picked me up early and we headed home. On 64E around Raleigh to Rocky Mount, the weather was sunny and the temperature was 74 degrees.
Alligator River Bridge. Bridge to nowhere. Pea Soup.
Fog. Everywhere.
And the temp has dropped to 53. And for some reason, the compass on Mr. Hawthorne's truck is stuck at NW even though we're going due east. Now I know the compass does crazy things whenever we go over Alligator River Bridge, but even after we got on land, the compass stayed on NW all the way home. And there were lots of turns involved.
As I'm editing this draft, 2 days later, I've found out that the electronics in Mr. Hawthorne's truck are better. His compass works now and also the "Check Engine" light on his dash (that came on at the same time as his compass got stuck on NW) is also NOT there, which is a good thing.
And now I have a Blogger problem. I had 4 videos uploaded but as Kathy informed me, they were all black and didn't play. Please don't tell me Blogger has a limit on videos. Help? Anyone? Well, at least it just ain't me. BLOGGER !!??!! Please fix this problem. ASAP if not sooner. I so wish I could've caught Junior shaking his head and slapping himself silly with that seat cover. Dogwood. Playing soccer? Dogwood. Checking out the mouse killer feed trough under the stove. Giada and Junior and Daughter Hawthorne. It's good to be back home with all the puppies. YAY! My videos are working now.

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Anonymous said...

"Holy shit, it's a dead mouse!" Better than a live one.