Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rosie Muses.

Ahhh... the matter of Ticky's ribs. Mr. Hawthorne and Rosie are at odds. Short Story - Youngest Hawthorne came in and ate the ribs apparently deemed for Ticky, (Ticky's coming to visit tomorrow!!!!) bought at Hairy Tits today (Harris Teeter to you and yours.). Mr. H. does a hissy pissy fit. I have all sorts of ribs in the freezer downstairs. Just chill, Mr. H. I can cook some ribs and whup up a BBQ sauce in nothing flat.


Marilyn said...

Ah, young men and their huge appetites. Perhaps Mr. H can better spend his time and energy in teaching the youngsters to ask if the food is off-limits first before digging in? Hey, better him than you!

Kathy said...

Now, now you guys. I'm coming to visit with you, not eat all your food . . . although . . . hmmm . . . anything I've ever had there has been mighty good . . . so . . . on second thought, BRING ON THE EATS!!

But don't stress about the ribs.