Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blast From The Past.

I was going through some old folders and found these videos and pictures I'd taken back in September. I'd meant to post them then, but they got lost in the shuffle, so now's as good a time as any to post them. Since it's gray, raining, and freezing, I thought I'd post these to warm everybody up some.
It was a bright, sunny, warm morning in September.
And Xmaskatie and I decided to take a leisurely walk on the beach.
Beautiful beaches.
From far away, it looked like this guy had a small dog resting on his chest. When we got closer, we realized he didn't.
I hope this gentleman used plenty of sunscreen. I followed this chick a ways down the beach so I could get a picture of her coiffure. As I mentioned to Xmaskatie when we left, our walk on the beach left me feeling invigorated and quite happy with myself. It was obvious to me that no matter how bad one might look in a bathing suit, there's always someone else who looks much worse. My self-esteem has been bolstered. I feel good about myself. All's right in my world. Thank you, Xmaskatie.


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Anonymous said...

That was a fun day. Thanks for the warm and sunny memories.