Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bring It On!

This is a heads up from our friends from the National Weather Service Long Range Forecast Department. More info will be provided as it is received and more definitive local forecast developed. However, as this is a weekend event any pre-planning for this weather event should begin now. >A significant winter storm will be tracking eastward across the Gulf > coast reforming off the SC coast Saturday and moving seaward Sunday > followed by cold high pressure. This is a very wet system which will > leave heavy rains across the Gulf coastal states into GA/SC and > southern NC. Cold high pressure to the north provides a strong thermal > clash setting up a broad area of overrunning type of precipitation which > appears most likely to be of the frozen type. At this time a heavy snow > seems likely across eastern KY/southern WV/ most of VA including the > Hampton Roads area/ lower Delmarva and northeast NC into Currituck > county. Details of this may change either northward or southward and > will most likely...typically not be known until later tomorrow or even > Friday. > > There is a coastal tidal flood threat for the Delmarva/Chesapeake Bay/NC > Outer Banks. Strong NE onshore flow ahead of the reforming low will be > followed by a strong shift to North and then Northwest later Saturday > and into Sunday. This will be enhanced by a perigean full moon which > will be the second closest to the earth in the next 6 years. Pamlico > sound side flooding threat Sat night and Sunday with a strong cold N-NW > flow. While this is not that deep or strong a storm and it is > progressive the lunar set up may well bring a greater flooding threat > than would be normally expected. > > Snow threat across southern VA down to and including Norfolk at this > time is in the 6-10 inch range. Would not be surprised to see some > significant snow as far south as Manteo/Wanchese and Nags Head. > WHOOT!

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Kathy said...

WHOOT,indeed! Can. Not. Wait.