Friday, January 22, 2010

Rosie Finishes Up Her Alinea Cracker Dough.

A few weeks ago, I tried Alinea's recipe, rather unsuccessfully, for Cheese in Cracker. I only used 1/2 the recipe for the crackers, saving 1/4 to make a pizza later. The other day, I used up the last 1/4 dough to make a seasoned cracker.
Here's my little ball of dough.
I rolled out the dough very thin.
My toppings: onion garlic rosemary thyme sage
I minced the onions, garlic, and herbs.
Melted some butter in my pan, added everything along with some olive oil. Cooked for about 2 minutes.
Poured onto the dough.
Brushed evenly. Added freshly ground salt and pepper and baked at 400 degrees until browned. About 15 minutes.
This was pretty good. Thin and crackery. And very flavorful. Even better is my focaccia. If you wanted to Semi-Ho this, get a store-bought pizza dough and brush the butter and oil with herbs, onion, and garlic over top. You won't be disappointed.

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