Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brother Hawthorne's Early Birthday Dinner.

Rosie and Mr. Hawthorne left the beach Friday morning. Mr. Hawthorne dropped me off at Maxine's in Danville. He went on to see his Mommie. Usually, I say, "our respective Mommies." Sadly, I can't say that anymore. And it hurts. Friday was a great treat. Sister Hawthorne took Brother Hawthorne, Sister-In-Law Hawthorne, two of their Grandbaby Hawthornes, and me, out to dinner for Brother Hawthorne's birthday. Actually, Brother Hawthorne's birthday is January 18, but we celebrated early so as not to diminish the gloriosity of Martin Luther King Day on Monday.
Both Little Hawthornelettes fell asleep in the car.
Here's our party walking down the street in Halifax, Va., going to Molasses Grill.
This is Elle Hawthorne.
Brother Hawthorne.
A.J. Hawthorne.
Sister-In-Law Hawthorne.
Sistah Hawthorne.
Our waiter, Charles.
Brother Hawthorne loves pictures of himself and his two favorite granddaughters.
Here's the menu.
Brother H., I know you like pictures of yourself and your girls.
So, enjoy.
Warm bread arrived, with butter. Very good.
I ordered my unsweetened ice tea with five pieces of lemon and got a whole plate of lemon. Excellent.
I was trying to figure out the picture on top. Is it Michael Jackson?
Somebody ordered the calamari strips over a caper, tomato, red onion, butter sauce. I don't care how you disguise squid, and how you can call it a fancy name, it's still bait to me.
The little girls ordered a clam chowder. I tasted it. Watery. No body. Unimpressive. Sweet potato fries with a spicy dipping sauce. Didn't blow my skirt up. Wait a minute. Where'd that shrimp come from?
A cheese platter was ordered. The bruschetta was the best thing I had last night.
I ordered the mixed green salad with spiced pecans, bleu cheese, and a buttermilk dressing. The dressing was too salty for my taste. And there was too much dressing on the salad. I forgot to ask for the dressing "on the side."
I kept going back for more bruschetta.
A.J. and Elle finished off the bowl of chowder.
Oh you beautiful little girls. Come to my house and let me make you REAL clam chowder. Remember years ago, when we made bread together? Sure you do. That was some good bread.
A.J. wanted to take a picture of my lemons ...
... and my salad.
A.J. loves her PaPa.
Brother Hawthorne, the little girls, and I took a stroll outside while waiting for our entrees. Brother H. is always restless. He can't stay in one place for too long. Have you looked into ADD, Brothah?
Rosie loves her sparkly and shiny.
Shop on the main drag.
Brother Hawthorne and the little girls.
This was A.J.'s platter - pan fried chicken breast over pepper jack grits. Elle had the shrimp and grits. The three adults had sweet potato crusted salmon fillet with over-grilled asparagus with a wine butter sauce. (I don't consider myself an adult.)
I had a bite and I still don't like salmon. Too fishy. Too oily.
I ordered the seared sesame yellowfin tuna with wasabi, grit cake, ginger stir fried greens, and a sweet and sour garlic sauce. I asked for the tuna medium rare.
And I got seared cold raw tuna. Perhaps something is amiss with my palate, but I didn't get any love from the sesame or from the greens or from the ginger or from the chili garlic sauce. I'm guessing that the little green dots on the tuna is the wasabi. I don't know. I'm sure this place has wonderful food. I just didn't order it last night.
Brother Hawthorne, enjoy the pictures.
Here's Elle and dessert. The little girls shared a chocolate mousse. I had a bite and it was very good.
I loved this picture. A.J.'s mouth and Elle's eyes.
Pretty Elle.
Looks like two little girls know how to have fun.
Thank you Sister Hawthorne for treating all of us to dinner.
As always, the company was the best part. This was the mostest fun.


Marilyn said...

Sometimes the company is more important than the food.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Mar, dear, the company is ALWAYS more important than the food.

Donna-FFW said...

Lovely, enjoyable photo stream, Rosie.

Funny.. didnt make my skirt fly up.. Ill have to remember that line.