Thursday, August 2, 2012

Charter Communications Sucks.

I'm trying to think of three reasons
I should keep Charter Communications
as my internet/phone/cable company.

The ONLY thing I can come up with
would be the colossal hassle of
changing my email address for all of my payees
for online billing.
That in itself would be a daunting task.

Other than that,
I got nuttin'.

I do have cable today.
And I have internet.
But my email is screwy.
 I'm not getting some emails at all
and I'm getting others 24 hours later.
And both phone lines are dead.

Mr. Hawthorne called Charter.
A repair technician will be here between 10 and 12.
It is now 12:25.

3:22 PM
Edited to add:

My bad.
I thought they meant between 10 and noon.
Could my window of Charterdom
be from 10 AM to midnight?
Or 10 PM to midnight?

08/03/012 12:37 AM
Edited to add:
Mr. Hawthorne just got off the phone with Charter.
What a laugh!


southdrivein said...

I've got an Embarq/ Direct TV package for 160.00 a month. First three months they give all the movie channels for free to try to hook you you, but after the first week you realize its not worth paying for

Rosie Hawthorne said...

South, I left embarq for charter.

Marilyn said...

We left Comcast for a small, local, family-run company that handles our phone, internet and cable. We switched to them after they installed fiber optics in our area and we are very happy with them. With Comcast, our internet was constantly going out and the prices were going up every few months.