Friday, August 24, 2012

Rosie And Daughter Hawthorne Check Out The Arts And Crafts Fair In Manteo.

 Last week,
I met Daughter Hawthorne in Manteo
to check out the Arts and Crafts Fair.

Manteo is one of my favorite towns.
Next to the word "quaint"
in the dictionary,
there should be a picture of Manteo.

Our various parties parked on Fernando Street
and walked to the Manteo waterfront.

 "My Buddha - she's faux."
A Sandra Lee quote which will never not be funny to me.

 Manteo is such a clean town.

 And it's full of neat gardens.

on the Manteo Waterfront,
is an exterior reconstruction 
of the original 1877 cottage style lighthouse
which stood at the southern entrance to Croatan Sound,
near Wanchese.
Operated by the U.S. Coast Guard 
until decommissioned in 1955,
it was lost in the Sound and destroyed
during an attempt to move it to private property.

 The Elizabeth II in Shallowbag Bay.

The Elizabeth II was built as the centerpiece
of America's 400th Anniversary Celebration
to represent one of the ships used to transport
Sir Walter Raleigh's colonists to the New World
between 1584 and 1587.
The ship is located across from the Manteo waterfront
at Roanoke Island Festival Park.
Living history interpreters recreate a day aboard
the original Elizabeth as she rode at anchor
off the Outer Banks in the summer of 1585,
sending men and supplies ashore to establish a settlement.
After their return to England about ten months later,
a second group of settlers arrived in 1587,
only to disappear from history in the unsolved mystery
of "The Lost Colony."

 Giada and Daughter Hawthorne
with unknown woman in Manteo.

We visited this garden last year
and the lady was kind enough to give us
some of her agave, which is doing very nicely in my garden.

was there moving the house to a second level.
This is the same company that moved
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.
I guess ThatBitchIrene did a number here
since all Manteo was under water.

You know, the name of a company is very important.
Would you use a company called
Mediocre House Movers?
Discount House Movers?

 "My Buddha -  she's faux."

 Giada taking five.

 Daughter Hawthorne
and another unknown, and rather unstable,
 woman in Manteo.


Lori K said...

Long Live the Queen!!! Nice pic Rosie :)

Rosie Hawthorne said...

I added the crown in Picnik. I thought it was a nice touch.

tortietat said...

Love love love Manteo. In younger days I spent a lot of time in South Nags Head/Hatteras areas and we often hauled our bikes over to Manteo for the day. Always wanted to stay at that place that had the tree house in the front yard.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Tortietat, I love love love Manteo too.