Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hawthorne Critters.

Junior likes to sit back and chill.

Not much seems to bother him.
He's a laid back little guy.

Occasionally Dogwood joins us downstairs.

Naturally, he prefers Mr. Hawthorne's chair.

 Junior lets it be known when he wants his bowl refilled.

Tired of the hardwood floor,
Junior checks out the cowhide.

Dogwood on his throne in Daughter Hawthorne's room.

Dogwood likes his Nana.

Nana scored some 'nip from my garden for Dogwood.
That's the green he's checking out.

Dogwood - on the nip.

Dogwood loves to hang with Yogi.

Dogwood looks messed up.

Later, Dogwood.
Peace out.

Food coming soon.
More birthday cakes,
braised short ribs,
Stay tuned.

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