Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Hawthornes Entertain. Party Time!

Let's say you're having a little get-together
for family and friends.
(Not always mutually exclusive.)
What type of menu would you have?
How do you come up with your menu?
What appetizers would you make?
Do you have go-to recipes?
How would you do a last-minute pullitalltogether?

I would love to hear my readers' suggestions and advice.

The Hawthornes entertained friends and family
last Thursday and Friday evenings.

Here's one of the party-goers:
 Pretty in red!

Here is what I served:

Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce
Tostito Scoops

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And I don't know why Fiesta Salad
 is the only one in green.
Blogger likes to mess with me.

You can click on the links or scroll down to get the new recipes.

Reasons For My Menu:

Shrimp is always a given here. 
 People come to the beach and expect seafood
and boiled shrimp is the easiest way to go.

 I decided on the Crab Meat Boule
when I was at Billy's Seafood buying the shrimp.
I noticed crab meat 
and thought the boule would be great appetizer.
Who doesn't like crab meat?
Plus, I've always liked edible serving containers.

Since my tomatoes and assorted peppers 
are coming in now,
I wanted to use garden freshness,
hence the Salsa.

I added the Mexican Cheese Dip
since I was using Tostitos scoops
and wanted something on the warm and gooey side.

I made my Corn Bean Tortilla Pie 
because I always do
and everybody loves it.

Fiesta Salad occurs when I have
extra corn/bean mixture leftover.

The Fig Appetizer happened because 
my fig tree is producing right now
and that presented a challenge to me
since I've never used figs all that much.

And that's how I came up with this menu.
I use what's seasonally available.
Produce at its peak.

Please tell me how you plan a menu
for a casual get-together.


Anonymous said...

I made your corn bean tortilla pie last night. I didn't have flour tortillas so I used corn tortillas and it was just wonderful. I loved the added flavor of the corn tortillas with the fillings. Thanks for a recipe for the rotation!

southdrivein said...

You are my hero because you did not serve raw tuna asian style. Baptists like myself were brought up to believe if you are sent to hell you are servred this on a mushy wonton 24/7

Mr. P said...

Will you serve me seafood if I come visit?

Rosie Hawthorne said...

NMOAC, so glad you tried the corn bean pie. That's one of my favorites!

South - raw tuna would have been a bit much for this bunch. We're talking Danville, remember.

Mr. P, I would be honored to serve you and your family.