Friday, August 31, 2012

Rosie's Garden Videos And More.

Enjoy a stroll through Rosie's Garden.

More of Rosie's Garden.

The Hawthornes returned from their cross-country trip
at the end of May.
As soon as we got back,
I dove into 7 weeks of neglect in my garden.
I pulled up spent larkspur and bachelor buttons
and cilantro right and left.

As soon as I cleaned everything up,
I started planting again.
I planted gladioli.
That was the first week of June.
I am being rewarded now
by the beautiful blossoms
of my glads.

This is my amaranthus.
It's about 10 feet tall.

My celosia setting bloom.

The plant with the bright green leaves
and the perky pink flowers
that turn into red berries
that I don't know what is
but hope Mar can tell me.
And that would be Mar of Foodies Untie blogdom.

Conservation tip:
Keep a watering can where the AC drains.

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