Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Hawthornes Have Guests! Two Nights In A Row.

The Hawthornes are having GUESTS!
XKT and Brother XKT (Nephew Hawthorne) and his family
came to visit Thursday afternoon.
Nephew Hawthorne and family are on a vacay on the Outer Banks.

On Friday, we were able to visit with another
vacationing Nephew Hawthorne and family.
What fun!

Rosie is having heavy hors d'oeuvres both evenings.

First, I made my corn bean tortilla pie.
I love this dish
It's quick.
It's easy.
It's a wonderful potpourri of flavors.
And everybody loves it.

I've blogged numerous times about my tortilla pie.
 I  make it a lot.
So if you missed all my previous tortilla posts,
here it is just for you.

In case you need the recipe for this,
there isn't one.
Make it up as you go along.

Here's the basic road plan:
You're going to layer tortilla and
corn/bean salad with cheese on each layer
until you run out of tortillas or the corn/bean mixture.

The basic corn and black bean mixture
would be equal amounts corn and black beans.
I use one can of corn
and I cook dried black beans.
3/4 cup dried beans would be approximately 1 can's worth of cooked.

One doesn't need to soak the beans overnight.
Black beans are never more than 40 minutes away.
Rinse the beans.
Put beans in salted boiling water.
Reduce heat to simmer.
Cook about 20 minutes.
Pour out bean water and rinse beans.
Refresh water, bring to boil,
add beans, reduce to simmer.
Cook for about 20 minutes.
Start checking at 10 and 15 minutes.
Cook beans al dente.

Combine corn and black beans.
Other items I add to this filling:
chopped onion
assorted peppers (flavor- and color-wise)
sliced black olives or sliced green olive,
depending on mood

 After my filling mixture is ready,
I grate my cheeses.
I use Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, and Cheddar.
Keep the cheeses out in case you need to grate more.
Each layer is covered with cheese.
And, no.
I don't think you can have too much cheese.

Once I've made the filling and grated a bunch of cheese,
I assemble my tortilla pie.

For the assembly:
Place a tortilla (I use flour tortillas, not corn.) on a baking sheet.
Spread a little cheese, the corn/bean mixture,
and some more cheese on the tortilla.
Top with another tortilla and the corn/bean and cheese.
Continue layering until you run out of tortillas
or corn/bean mixture.
Save a little of the corn/bean mixture and cheeses
for topping.

Cover with one last tortilla.
Melt a little butter and brush over top and sides of tortilla.
Throw a little cayenne pepper and cumin on the buttery sides.
Top with more corn/bean mixture and cheeses.
Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 40 minutes.
Watch at the end so the top doesn't brown too much.
I usually tent with foil.

Rosie Tip for assembly:
On each layer, give it a little extra filling around the edges
of the tortilla.
This way, you get even layers.
Otherwise, you end up with a domed-shaped stack.

Here's my corn/bean tortilla pie waiting to bake.

Behind the tortilla torte are my breads.
I'm making a baguette and a crab meat boule.

After baking, let sit for about 10 minutes before cutting.
You want that glue to set.

Cut into wedges.

Now, if you happen to have some corn/bean mixture leftover,
you can make a Fiesta Salad.
Coming up next - Fiesta Salad.

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