Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Of Rosie's Garden.

Welcome to Rosie's garden.

Fatsia japonica, shamrocks, Cyperus papyrus,
elephant ears, daisy.

Black and blue salvia.

Sea of lantana and zinnias.

Cilantro seedlings.

Baby castor bean plant.


Newly transplanted leopard plants in front.
And a few dracaenas.

At the base of the mimosa tree,
I tucked in moonflower vines and hyacinth bean vines.

I planted moonflowers and hyacinth beans
around the base of this tree too.
Hopefully, they'll cover the entire tree.
At least, that's my plan.

Elephant ear and castor bean plant.

I like this little pathway leading to the back.

Pine tree needs to be trimmed.

This is a nice sitting area.

Zinnia in the middle of my grass-clipping-mulched path.

Baby castor bean plants.

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