Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rosie's Mid July Garden.

Rosie is still repairing
 the seven weeks of neglect in her garden.
We left April 13, 2012, 
for another trip across America.
We got home May 31.
7 weeks minus one day.

 I tilled these beds as soon as we got home
(First week in June.).
I planted basil and dill in this one.

Usually, I have all sorts of volunteer seedlings
 coming up now.
This year - nothing.
ThatBitchIrene took care of that.
For this year, at least.

 Squash and zucchini.

When my neighbor cuts his grass,
he brings his clippings to me.
I use it as mulch and compost material.
It's green manure.

Resource it out!


 Sweet potatoes.

 Cukes across.
Two watermelons in front.

 Basil and dill.
And onions in the back.

It's a work in progress.

 My herb garden in front.
Tomatoes and a bunch of stuff in back -
cucumbers, squash, beans, assorted peppers, eggplant.
And my mulch pile.
I like to stockpile mulch.

 I like using different textures.
I like pine straw mulch.
I like grass clippings.
I like the mulch I get free from the recycling center.
I incorporate them all.

 Storm a-comin'.

We had about a week of most excellent rains
almost every afternoon,
so consider this post a "before" garden.


Marilyn said...

From Kelley and me: Bitch.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Music to my ears!

Marilyn said...

Yes, you know that we love your garden! Too bad our garden is mostly dead and dry in our drought this year. Oddly enough, the roses seem to love the conditions and are blooming again.