Monday, January 28, 2008


Mr. Hawthorne is one big
badass pirate.

Clockwise from top left, Mr. Xmaskatie, Xmaskatie,
and GLowria.

That's a pirate ring in
Glow's nose.

Dixie, ever the gracious hostess, allows her cousin, Katie, to rest on her pillow, while Dixie takes the cold, hard, but beautiful, floor.

Glowria adjusts her nose ring as Mr. Xmaskatie looks on.
Xmaskatie made the kake.

Mr. Hawthorne is ready to cook.

Rosie and Ticky, oblivious to Xmaskatie's camera, are busy taking pictures of their wonderful skape.

Mr. Hawthorne's reaction upon hearing that we have plenty of Sandra's leftovers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner tomorrow.

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