Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bath Time For Dixie. This Is For You, Laney.

I've never known a dog to love her bath as much as Dixie does. At the very mention of the "B" word, she immediately starts barking and running up the steps to the bathroom.

Here, she's barking at the slider to open, and magically, it does.

She likes to start out with a shower first while she jumps up to catch the water.

More fun and frolicking in the shower.

Dixie finally settles down for her bath.

Here, she's all lathered up.


More rinsy.

After her bath, Dixie likes to wrap up in hot towels straight from the dryer, that is, after she's turned around in circles about 40 times to crush all those twigs, sticks, and leaves in her bed.

After she's rested a bit, Dixie likes to have her fur back-brushed.

She likes to be blow-dried.

Then I sprayed her with some stuff Mr. Hawthorne bought at the Elizabethan Gardens gift shop. It smells like somebody's grandmother's potpourried parlor.
She likes it.

So here's washed, blow-dried, coiffed, and perfumed Dixie resting on her cow hide which she knows not to get on when Mr. Hawthorne is home but knows she can get on when it's just me.


Marilyn said...

Ahh, Dixie's so cute! And clean!

Lane said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) laney happyyyyy. wuvoo mommi!