Friday, February 1, 2008

Rosie Infuses Her Oils With Flavor YOU CAN SEE.

If you recall, several posts ago I described my experience at our cooking class. I'm putting what I learned to practice today.
Today's lesson: Infused Oils.

I blanched chopped celery hearts and leaves for about 1 minute, then plunged them into ice water to stop the cooking process and set the nice green color.
Spread the greens out on a paper towel and blot to dry.

I'm using an Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the celery. You barely simmer for about 15-20 mintues. If you can smell it then you're simmering the flavor away. I watched this closely and if it started to bubble, I would take it off the heat.

After cooking, let the mixture cool.

Then I pureed it in my Magic Bullet.

Here, I've started on my garlic infused oil.
I've peeled and sliced my garlic and put them in a pan of Italian Calabria Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Again, just heat through for about 15-20 minutes, watching carefully so it doesn't get too hot. Cook until you can easily stick a toothpick in the garlic.
Let cool, remove garlic, and you have garlic-infused olive oil.

I decided to make a basil infused oil also. I've already blanched and dried the basil leaves and added to the olive oil. This time I'm using an Italian Umbria Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Puree in the Magic Bullet.

From left, we have two large bottles of celery oil, one small bottle of celery/basil oil, one small bottle of basil oil, and a container of garlic oil.

I have plans for these oils, my friends.

To be revealed later.

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Marilyn said...

And how do you have to store your infused oils? I have always wanted to make some, but I worry about them going bad. Bravo, dear.