Friday, February 1, 2008

The Goderators At TWoP Strike Again.

Well, consider me WARNED.
TWoP Barnes Yesterday @ 12:10 pm
Added a warning
I have no doubt that posting this will get me banned, but since this is the last time I intend to log onto the site, I don't care. I got the following warning from Strega today: I have to ask you to use standard spelling in your posts. In the past few days you've used "groshry" and "slow kukker" and "koktail." I realize it's a joke, but since we ask everyone to use standard spelling & punctuation, it's not fair to give you a pass for doing it deliberately. Thanks. The administration of this site is haphazard at best and utterly obnoxious at worst. I imagine this would be easier to deal with if the people doing the (seemingly random) moderation had some concept of the nature of the individual forums they lord over. They do not. Unless I'm mistaken, and I am the only person using "joke" spellings, fractured grammar, and Sandy-inspired punctuation, Strega has asked me to become the only poster here who does not adhere to the forum culture. Further, it's quite clear that the forum culture, which drives readership and ultimately creates revenue, doesn't matter to the gaggle of disinterested dorm monitors that NBC Universal is allowing to run their property into the ground. You shrikes are a great bunch, but this isn't a shrike forum, it's a Television Without Pity forum where shrikes do the work that makes other people money, but get treated like garbage (however politely in this case, with that politeness shining as an exception). The site is not fun anymore. I've lost interest in supporting it.
I bid you adieu, Starvesh. You will be sorely missed.
Don't talk about the boards on the boards. This is in the FAQ.

Check here to acknowledge this warning

TWoP Barnes Jan 19, 2008 @ 12:48 pm
Added a warning (Rachael Ray thread) Please stay on topic in show threads. Make your personal plans in PM, e-mail, or otherwise off the board.

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Some items are 'warnings' and represent more serious issues like attacking other posters, derailing conversation, being a dick, and so on. These warnings will remain on your note/warn count after they are acknowledged (though they may be removed manually by mods at a later date at their discretion). Take these warnings seriously! Repeat offenses may lead to your account being banned.

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Anonymous said...

Between that cow Barnes and the wussy Bayliss, I don't know which TWOP mod is more pathetic. They both need to be bitch-slapped until blood is drawn.

Anonymous said...

The moderation there is a joke. If they can't at least enforce the rules with some semblance of civility they should not be a moderator.

It's especially hilarious that the same mods continually break their own rules when they post in the forums (not as mods, but as part of the discussion). It must be a requirement that you have to have a personality disorder, preferably NAPD, to work there.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Got warned twice by Bayliss/Jason. What a dick. His recaps, what I could stomach of them enough to skim through, are utter crap as well.

Personality disorder buffet among the TWoP mods. It would be one thing if they could dole out the Warnings with a modicum of civility but they clearly get their rocks off on talking to grownups as if they were three.

One warning was for correcting someone else about something they responded to me with. I ought to have known what I meant in my own post, so how was that obnoxious to write i hadn't meant it that way? A second warning was for reporting someone else's post. Where does it say in the rules we shouldn't help the mods? Most boards appreciate it. No, the mods would rather pick and choose who to apply rules to and who not. No, the person I reported was not the one who had snarked on me.

They all reek of rage and booze fumes. Fire the TWoP mods please. After that 2nd warning I never went back. I'm not giving them the freakin' traffic.

Honestly I am a Mod at a higher traffic site than TWoP, and none of us would never talk to even the rudest troll in the manner TWoP mods treat even long term polite posters.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I should've proofread my comment. I do know proper grammar. I would have been banned by TWoP for that double negative. Bunch of nutters there...

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Wow, three years later and they're still pricks.