Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lunch In Manteo.

Mr. Hawthorne and I stopped at a restaurant in Manteo for lunch. We started out with the house salad with Bleu Cheese Dressing.

Now, I know Glowria wants to know about the Pork/Nacho plate. Mr. Hawthorne liked it. Me, not so much. The homemade nachos were deep-fried and good, but I didn't care for the pork. The whole thing was waaaaaay to heavy for my tastes.

I had the fried jalapeno poppers. Now this was good. They were filled with a chipotle/cream cheese/poblano filling and were served on a bed of baby greens and diced peppers and pineapple with a mango habanero sauce.

Very tasty.

How long has it been since
you've seen one of these?

$10 bucks.

After lunch, Mr. Hawthorne and I went over to Roanoke Island Festival Park. The park, unfortunately, was closed, but we stopped on the bridge
so I could get this picture of the Elizabeth II.
This is a reproduction of one of the seven original sailing ships which brought
Sir Walter Raleigh and the colonists here in 1587.

For more information, check here:


Funny story. Years ago, my sister and her husband
came down to visit.

I suggested they take their kids over to Manteo
to see the Elizabeth II.
Brother-in-law was very excited about this since

he thought I was talking about the QE II.

I think Brother-in-law Hawthorne was a bit disappointed.



He actually thought the QE II was berthed in a Manteo harbor.

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