Monday, February 25, 2008

Dinner At The Hawthornes.

Here's part of my mise en place for dinner tonight.

On the counter at top left, I have my beef stock, then some cornstarch,
then a cup of rice.

On the cutting board from top left, I have fancy-dancy-sliced carrots, celery, sliced T-Bone (that would be some tenderloin and New York Strip), second row, I have sliced radishes and some sliced red, yellow, and green peppers, then third row, I have broccoli, onions, and snow peas.

Here, I have edamame, garlic, and ginger.
This was ginger from a jar. I guess that would be jinjer.
I threw it out since it smelled like ammonia, and I had real, frozen ginger root waiting for me in the freezer.

I started out stir frying the carrots and broccoli in peanut oil.

Then I threw in the rest of the veggies. The edamame went in last since they had some defrosted water in with them, and that gave for a good steam.
I took all the veggies and put them in a large bowl with a plate on top.

I heated the wok back up, added some peanut oil, garlic, and ginger, then added in half the beef.

Did I mention that I added just a bit of sugar to the meat so it sears nicely?

Here, I'm adding the mixture of beef broth and cornstarch to the barely cooked beef to thicken up.

Add in the rest of the veggies.

Ahhh... This looks good.

This is Mr. Hawthorne's plate. He's extremely anal, so his rice and the rest of the food really aren't supposed to touch.

Here's my plate. The meat and veggies are on top of my rice.
I don't have a problem there.

Baby Hawthorne wanted a Big Plate.

I believe he liked it.

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