Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Sobering Light Of Day.

Mr. Hawthorne came INto the kitchen this morning and was greeted with this:

His first thoughts were, " WTF? Cow pie!"
Now, Mr. H. can attest to the fact that I started on this well before 5:00, but now thinks I mighta shoulda had a few drinks before doing this.
He told me he tried a bite, but had to spit it out. Brave man.

The marbling effect didn't work all that well either.

Even though I sprayed a generous amount of cooking spray in my souffle dish, all of this burned and stuck on.

Mr. Hawthorne checked the temperature on the slo-kukker to be sure I had it on "Low."
I did.

I covered the brownies up so they wouldn't dry out, until I can figure out what to
do with them.

An alert viewer over at TWoP had this to say about the juxtaposition of the picture of my brownies and the meesies:

"By the way, I love the way you put the picture of the...umm..."brownies" to the picture of the dead mice. To, you know, make the mice look more appetizing."

See comments here:

and here:

Mr. Hawthorne asked me, "Rosie, How many arrrusssupppees of Sandra Lee's have you tried now in the slo-kukker?"
Me: "Ummm, four. The three Ticky and I did and then this one."
Mr. H: "And you're sure you followed the directions exactly?"
Me: "Well I did use Betty Crocker brownie mix instead of Sandra's
recommended Pillsbury."
Mr. H: "I really don't think that would have made a difference."
Me: Shrug.
Mr. H: "And every damn one has tasted like crap."
Me: "Sad, but true."
Mr. H: "But at least we were able to salvage the meatballs. I washed all of Sandra's crap off and smothered them in Marinara sauce then they were better."

Bottom line: I can't afford to save this much time and money.


Marilyn said...

Um, Rosie, dear? Throw the brownie mess out. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to eat, save or salvage them. And do not poison poor Dixie.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could write to Sandra Lee and tell her that you "can't afford to save this much time and money"?

CarolynA said...

Could you perhaps leave the brownie mess as a gift for your lovely next door neighbor-from-h*ll?

(a.k.a. aardvark)

Marilyn said...

Rosie, Rosie??? Someone, please check on our dear Rosie!