Saturday, February 2, 2008



Imagine my surprise the other day when I went out to my mailbox and found a box pour moi.

This Nutcracker-esque figure was inside it.
No doubt, this character will be featured prominently in a nightmare I may be having very soon.

He opens at the gut.

And there's Kandy inside.

If this weren't enough, it just gets better and better. Also in the box is my very own koveted kopy of KURTAIN KRAFT!


But wait. There's more.

I have FLORAL KRAFT, too!!

I am sooooo 'cited I could just pee.

Here's a klose up of Sondra.

Methinks girlfriend has had some work done.

Another klose up.

Just look at all the kute krap I can make.

Aren't the wreathes just darling?

And let me tell you, I kan't wait to get floral krafting. I'm agonna tart up this house like you've never seen.

A big thank you to Previously Amish for her thoughtfulness!

I'll be sure to send you pictures, dear.

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