Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rosie Experiments.

Remember several weeks ago when Mr. Hawthorne and I had lunch in Manteo?
I had the Jalapeno Poppers with a cream cheese/chipotle stuffing and I loved some of the flavors on my plate. I asked the owner about one in particular. I could figure out the pineapple salsa, but I didn't know what the squirty stuff was. See the brown, on the plate and over the jalapenoes? Well, he told me it's a habanero/mango sauce.

That's all I needed to hear.

First, I skewered some habaneros and a slice of red and yellow peppers.

Here's a VERY IMPORTANT hint I learned from Sandra:
Always soak your skewers first!
So, I soaked these skewers for about 30 minutes so they wouldn't burn.

Heat peppers over open flame to char the skin.
Oh MY GRAVY! I love having a gas stove now.

Blacken the pepper skins.
When they are totally blackened, POP the peppers INto a paper bag and seal so the peppers steam and push the charred skin off of themselves.
Takes about 10-15 minutes.

Scrape the pepper meat off of the charred skin.

Here, I have my red and yellow charred peppers and my habanero peppers in my Magic Bullet, with crushed pineapple, lime, and Mango to go.

More mango slices go INto my Habanero sauce.

Magic Bullet that bad boy.

I added the rest of the mango, the rest of the leftover crushed pineapple, because the Habanero mixture was a tad strong.

Here's dumb Rosie taking a whiff after she just finished whupping the smoked Habaneros in the Magic Bullet.

OOOOOhhhhhh. Baby.


My sinuses are now cleaned out.

Mr. Hawthorne and I went to Harris Teeter today.
These are Rock Shrimp,
And we boiled them.

We'd never had rock shrimp before, so we ask our fishmonger, what do they taste like. Apparently a blend between shrimp and lobster.
They're called rock shrimp because of the rock-like shell they have.
And they do taste like lobster.
I googled them, and you don't cook them as long as regular shrimp.
Mr. H. threw them INto a rolling boil, seasoned water, (salt, pepper, Old Bay, vinegar) then cooked for under 2 minutes.
Took out and drained under cold water.

Here are my rock shrimp, my basil, my cilantro, my lime, and my homemade habanero/mango sauce. Whoot!


Marilyn said...

Did the skewers rust? And why do those shrimp look like a certain breed of dog. So cute!

Marilyn said...

Hey!! Did you get those stainless steel outlet plates and didn't tell us?

Zeno said...

Lordy LORDY Miss Rosie you all must have sinuses made out of CorTen steel. No pussycat palates here, but several years ago I threw half a habanero into a stir-fry and we just about had to evacuate the house. My eyes just water, thinking about it.

Rosie Hawthorne said...

Did I not blog about the stainless steel outlets? How did I let that slip by? I'm still waiting on the trim for around the window over the sink.